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Why Older Men Choose to Marry Younger Latin Women

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Marriage is a commitment between two people who love and care for each other. Due to culture and traditions, marriage has had a set of norms that most, if not all, people follow. Latin America is no different. It has become part of their culture that marriage should be between a man and a woman who are fairly at the same age.

Even outside of Latin America, the idea of older men marrying much younger women is highly frowned upon. With the changing times, however, this idea has become a thing of the past and the reality of May-December relationships has become widely accepted in society. Latino people, for one, embraced it with open arms.

There are reasons for such relationships to prosper. In fact, more and more May-December relationships end up in successful marriages, creating happy and contented families each time. So why do older men choose to marry Latin women who are younger than them?

  • Submissive
  • Older men choose younger Latin women because they are generally submissive. They tend to shy away from conflict, which results in a more peaceful home environment. They understand and respect older men, as much as they respect their father.

  • Younger Latin women are more family-focused
  • Though younger Latin women are independent, they still need the presence of family. This makes them good brides because it makes them devoted wives to their husbands and devoted mothers to their children. On top of that, Latin America is mostly Catholic, and the Catholic faith teaches its followers to honor the family and consider them as the most important unit of society.

  • Caring
  • Younger women are brought up to be responsible. As such, they are expected to take care of elders, as they do their parents. This logic is carried over to her husband when she marries, considering that she will leave her parents’ side to live with her husband.

Advantages in Marrying Younger Latin Women

Marrying younger women may be frowned upon by most people in other societies. Culture and traditions brought up the idea that it is only proper for you to marry someone who is fairly the same age as you. The idea of taking advantage of younger women has only been blown out of proportion without even looking at the advantages of such a practice, given the woman is of legal age to marry.

So what are the advantages of marrying younger Latin women? The answer is simple. They look up to older men as a father figure. Hence, they respect older men. This is the key for a family to stay together and be happy. With respect and peace, the order in the family will always hold sway.

Another advantage of marrying younger Latin women is conception. What family is complete without children? If an older man marries a woman of the same age, the tendency is, she is no longer capable of giving birth, or even if she is, complications can arise and risk the lives of both the mother and child. No one wants that. It is safe to say that marrying younger Latin women removes that risk altogether.

Why Young Latin Women Prefer Older Men

While older men prefer younger Latin women, it can’t be denied that most younger Latin women also prefer to marry older men. This trend has become a widely accepted practice not only in Latin America, but all over the world as well.

Nowadays, love is not the only thing that keeps families together. Rather, it is practicality. Choosing the perfect partner is a crucial part of marriage that needs to be addressed. While love is a good foundation for a family, the fact remains that there are also needs that have to be satisfied. These needs ensure that the family will stay happy and stay together for years to come.

Here are some practical reasons why younger Latin singles would choose to marry older men:

  • Mature
  • In order for a relationship to last, it is important to have one, if not both of the couples, to have a level head and understanding. Family conflict and misunderstanding are common. Fights and arguments soon flare up and things get messy. If you are married to a mature man, you can be sure that he will find ways to compromise and stop the conflict before it gets worse. Years of experience have honed him and his emotions to learn to forgive and forget for the sake of family. Younger, immature men tend to be proud and stubborn.

  • Responsible
  • Aging is a fact of life. As people get older, they become more responsible, as it is said that people act their age. Responsibility is, in a way, connected with maturity. The more mature you get, the more responsible you are. This is because when you get older, you tend to see things differently. You will realize that responsibility is important when it comes to starting a family.

  • Ready to settle down
  • Older men are prepared for a commitment. They are willing to settle down and start a family. Growing older without a family of your own is something that most of us dread. Living and dying alone is certainly not fun. With older men, you know that they do not just play around because you are sure that they are looking for a family of their own as well.

  • Financially stable
  • People start working at a young age. While some become successful at a very young age, their fortune will only last the test of time. Older men on the other hand, have had enough time to get things together and put life into perspective. They are generally more practical and therefore, more financially stable than inexperienced young men.

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