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Why Latin Brides Are the Most Ideal Brides

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Latin Love Mates presents beautiful Latin women from all over Latin America. These beautiful women are more than just a pretty face, they have qualities that make them ideal brides! Latin brides are among the most caring and loving women you will ever meet. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

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So what are the Latin traits that make Latin women ideal brides?

  • Loyal
  • Once you get to know a Latin woman better, you will know that they are one of the most loyal women in the world. Treat her right and rest assured, you will have a trustworthy companion that you can rely on every day of the year.

  • Family focused
  • Latin women are brought up learning about family and togetherness. On top of that, the majority of Latinos are Catholics and in the teachings of the Catholic faith, family is considered to be the most important core unit of society.

  • Responsible
  • Latin women grew up in an environment where they need to help with the household chores. This allows them to develop into responsible members of the family.

Latin Brides versus Western Brides

If you are ever wondering what it’s like to be with a Latin bride, wonder no more. We’ll be citing reasons why Latin brides stand out from their western counterparts. These women are reserved and headstrong at the same time. An unpredictable cocktail that will surely spice up your married life.

Western brides are beautiful, that’s a no-brainer for sure, but Latin women have an exotic beauty that most western men are dying to get their hands on. They have a unique exotic beauty that can you can only see in Latinas and that is something that men can’t find in western brides.

Besides their tantalizing looks, Latin women are also very good homemakers. While most Western women are spoiled from the moment they are born, Latin women are brought up to be responsible members of the family. Even at a very young age, they do what women are expected to do, and that is to do house work.

This type of environment has molded them to become good homemakers. Not only that, they will also take care of you like no other. Home-cooked meals, greetings that will complete your day, and a smile that will take away all the stress from everyday life. What more can you ask for?

Latin Wedding Traditions

Latin culture goes way back even before the Spanish conquest of Latin America. These cultures and traditions have been passed from generation to generation, surviving the influence of foreign culture. Rather than forgetting these traditions, the Latin people instead mixed their ancient traditions with that of modern Spanish traditions.

This resulted in Latin wedding traditions that are as festive as ever. A Latin wedding is more than just a family affair, rather, it is something that involves the entire community. Here are some wedding traditions that are, to this day, still practiced by Latin families:

  • Bring the entire family—no, bring the entire community.
  • We weren’t kidding when we said Latin weddings are a community event. It is normal for Latin weddings to be so out of proportion due to the number of guests. Got cousins? They’ve got dozens. And while invitations are mostly sent to relatives and family members, it’s normal when they’d bring with them close friends as well. The more, the merrier!

  • Las arras
  • This tradition is taken from Christian influence from the Spanish. The idea is that the couple will be presented the las arras. The arras are 13 gold coins that are usually placed inside an ornate chest. The gold coins symbolize prosperity for the newlyweds where the 12 coins represent the 12 months in a year and the poor represents the 13th, considering that weddings are a community event.

  • Lasso
  • The lasso is an ordinary cord that is used during the wedding ceremony. It is the parents who usually bind the couple with the lasso. This symbolizes the newlywed’s unity and togetherness till death do them part.

  • White bell
  • A white bell is traditionally hung over the church door for the ceremony. The bell is filled with rice and other grains that represent prosperity. When the couple passes through the door, the contents of the bell is showered on them in hopes that they will have a prosperous life together as a couple. This is similar to the Asian tradition of tossing rice grains on the newlyweds.

  • Father-daughter dance
  • During the reception, the bride’s father will ask the bride for a final dance with him. This father-daughter dance is usually performed while the song “Mi Niña Bonita” plays in the background.

  • Money Dance
  • Another popular dance in traditional Latin weddings is the money dance. It is a tradition where the groom and bride dance on the dance floor while guests pin bills onto them. This is a way for guests to send good fortune to the newlyweds.

Like Western wedding traditions, Latin wedding traditions are what make weddings in Latin America a festive event for the whole community. If you want to learn more about Latin brides and their culture and traditions, don’t miss this opportunity to join us and sign up for FREE now!

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