Latin Marriage Culture

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Marriage starts with courtship. During courtship, the man is expected to instigate the first move. As with other cultures, the same is true. Once the woman knows of the man’s intentions, they then spend more time getting to know each other. During this time, they will often go out on dates or spend time with each other’s families.

What sets Latin America’s marriage culture apart from that of other western countries is the fact that in Latin America, religion greatly influences such marriage customs. Before a man and a woman celebrate their wedding, they need to get approval from their families and after that, both sides of the family needs to come to an agreement regarding wedding plans.

In some cultures, it is the groom who shoulders the wedding expenses, while in others, it is the bride’s responsibility. In Latin America, both families plan the wedding, and therefore, both families pay for the wedding as well.

During the wedding ceremony, there are certain traditions that Latin families practice to this day:

  • Wedding Rings
  • In most Latin American countries, engagement rings are skipped altogether. Instead, the couple wear their wedding rings on the right hand. During the wedding ceremony, they symbolically transfer the ring to their left hand as a sign of their marriage.

  • Mariachi Band
  • In Mexico, a traditional wedding isn’t complete without a mariachi band. The band plays traditional mariachi music even during the reception.

  • Lazo
  • The Lazo is a piece of white cord that is used during the wedding ceremony in most Latin American countries. The cord symbolizes unity and togetherness of the newlyweds.

  • Wedding Cake
  • In some Latin American countries such as Argentina, a ring is tied to a ribbon and placed inside the cake with the ribbon dangling on the side of the cake. Several other ribbons that are not attached to anything are also placed inside the cake. During the reception, all the bride’s single friends gather around the cake and each pulls out a ribbon. Whoever pulls out the ring is said to be the next to marry!

  • Wedding dance
  • Latin American weddings are not complete without the wedding dance. Latin countries are known to love dancing so much that traditional weddings cannot pass without a night of Latin music and salsa, mambo, samba, and other popular Latin dances.

  • White Bell
  • In Guatemala, a traditional Latin wedding involves hanging a white bell at the entrance of the church. The bell is filled with rice and other grains. When the couple enters the church, the mother breaks the bell, showering the couple with rice. Like the Asian tradition of tossing rice to newlyweds, this Latin wedding practice symbolizes prosperity for the couple.

These cultural wedding traditions are what make Latin weddings unique. Despite being divided by distance, Latin countries are held together by similar culture and traditions that bind them together as Latin people.

Reasons to Marry a Latin Woman

Aside from their exotic beauty and physique, Latin women also have qualities that make them highly sought-after brides. They can be reserved and submissive, while at times they can be feisty and headstrong.

Here are some of the reasons why you should marry a Latin woman yourself:

  • Religious
  • If you, yourself, are not religious, you might wonder why this is on the list. The reason why this is on the list is that religious Latin women tend to be more submissive and respectful. Their religious teachings have molded them to be good members of society.

  • Family-centered
  • If you want to start a family, start one with a woman who values family more than anything. That way, you can be sure that she will always value you as you are already a part of her family. After all, Latin women consider family as the most important core unit of society.

  • Loyal
  • As above, Latin women are among the most loyal in the world because they value family more than anything else. If you only treat her right, you can be sure that she will stay with you no matter what.

  • Great homemakers
  • Women in Latin America have been brought up to be responsible members of the family. They are taught how to do household chores. Latin women grew up in an environment where they are expected to help their mother to keep the house clean and orderly. Because of this practice, they have become suitable wives because they are responsible.

All these and more will be yours when you decide to marry Latin women.

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