Do San Jose Costa Rica Women WANT Rich Men?

An old rich man who is able to find a lovely and hot beautiful bride from San Jose Costa Rica through online dating can be a cliche, but is there some truth to this? They say that most Costa Rican women who prefer to join international dating are only eyeing an older wealthy man. They say a foreign man who wants to try finding love in Costa Rica should earn tons of money to attract hot and beautiful women to the country. People think that money is like a shining and shimmering diamond in the eyes of the single Ticas.

In return, Costa Rica women should try harder to look hot to be able to catch the attention of a rich man. They think that most foreign men who want to settle down are only eyeing for someone who is hot, voluptuous, and stunning. They think that itโ€™s only the physical appearance that is important for these people who are into international dating.

This is what the mainstream media tells us that itโ€™s only the wealthy man who can marry a woman who is still young, hot, and beautiful. The media tells us that the beautiful women from Latin America are wanting to escape from their country and they are using foreign men as their tickets in going somewhere where they can find greener pastures.

What the media failed to educate us is the reality in the international dating scene in Latin America. They only try to warn foreign men with all of the negativities they might face if they try dating beautiful Latina women.

The truth is that majority of these foreign men who go on a trip to San Jose Costa Rica are looking for someone who is not just beautiful, but they are also looking for a woman who can be trusted and is ready to settle down. They will not invest their money, time, and energy to just hook up and then end up with nothing when they go back home. And they go to Costa Rica because they know the single women there are dating to marry.

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