Etiquette to Follow When Dating a Mexican Woman on Valentine’s Day

woman holding a Happy Valentine’s Day card Follow proper dating etiquette on Valentine’s Day in Mexico for a memorable time with your partner.

Mexicans love celebrating holidays and occasions. In fact, they celebrate Valentine’s Day even without knowing its history or the background of St. Valentine. They just simply want to celebrate love. And like most countries, Mexico holds Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The official local name of the holiday is “El Día del Amor y la Amistad” or “The Day of Love and Friendship.”

Valentine’s Day has been a part of Mexican culture and tradition for years. It’s the day when people show their love and appreciation to their loved ones. Not only do couples celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico, but friends and family too. Offices, shops, and houses are decked out with heart-shaped balloons and decor. It is as if love and romance have filled the atmosphere.

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your Mexican woman? Is it your first time celebrating El Día del Amor y la Amistad together? If so, you need to know that booking a table at a restaurant and buying tickets at the cinema are merely preliminaries. Your effort for a successful first Valentine’s date does not end there.

While it’s easy to feel excited and get comfortable with your partner, you should not forget to follow appropriate dating etiquette. Certainly, you know that you shouldn’t chew with your mouth open or discuss sensitive topics. There are a lot of missteps, both big and small, that can turn your Valentine’s Day from memorable to disaster.

So, before you put on that fancy tuxedo, that saccharine smile, and pick her up, remember to be the person your novia wants you to be: a gentleman. That said, here is a Valentine’s Day etiquette guide that will help you make this Valentine’s date a day your Latina girlfriend won’t ever forget.

1. Get ready hours before the date.

In case you bump into an unexpected errand, an emergency, or change of plans, you’ll still have time to catch up. There’s also the possibility of her getting off from work or finishing her appointment early, so you should be ready and good to go by then.

And if you’re planning to take her out to dinner tonight, you should take the time to double-check your reservation. Sometimes places tend to overbook and will only notify you at the last minute, so call them an hour before your reservation time. This way, you’ll know if you need to change your arrangements or need to find a replacement. The same goes for cinema bookings. See if there are changes in the movie schedules to avoid any hassle.

2. Pick her up on time.

Be punctual. Impresses your Latina woman by picking her up at her house for your date. Doing this will let her know that you love her and value your relationship. However, don’t get too giddy just yet. If it’s your first time traveling in Mexico, you might get lost in its busy streets. It’s best to leave the house early so you will still have enough time to navigate through traffic.

3. Arrive early at the location.

If you both agree to meet at a specific location, make sure to be there earlier. It’s embarrassing to let your date wait, even just for a second.

4. Commit to the schedule.

It’s rude and embarrassing to reschedule your date because of insert reasons here. It’s not a good look, especially if your reason is dubious. As much as possible, stay committed to the date and time you’ve planned.

5. Acknowledge her wants and needs.

Foreign man and a Latina woman dating in a Mexican restaurant Impress your Latina woman by acknowledging her wants and needs during your date.

El Día del Amor y la Amistad is the perfect opportunity to express your love and affection to your partner. It’s a day where you can shower her with all the love and pampering she deserves. It’s a day where you can give her what she desires. And to make this day successful, you need to know what she wants and needs.

So don’t make the terrible mistake of booking reservations at a vegan restaurant when she isn’t even vegan or buying tickets to a movie when you know she hates the cinema. Keep in mind that this is your first Valentine’s Day together, so you should make it memorable by spending it doing something enjoyable.

This also applies when you’re giving gifts. Don’t buy something just because it’s heart-shaped and it’s Valentine’s Day. Buy it because you know it’s something she will like.

6. Dress appropriately.

You don’t want to embarrass her in front of a crowd, so refrain from overdressing. Being underdressed is also not acceptable. If possible, plan the entire itinerary with her so you’ll know the appropriate clothes to wear.

7. Be courteous at all times

If you’re looking to marry a Mexican woman someday, possessing a good personality and attitude can go a long way in a relationship. Being courteous on your first ever Valentine’s date makes a statement. However, don’t be courteous because you’re going out on a date, but be one because that’s who you are.

8. Give her your full attention

Distractions are everywhere. It can be the loud group of diners next to you, the luminescent lights in the room, the deafening noise barrage outside, or the unending vibration of your phone in your pocket. It might seem almost impossible to give her your full attention. However, this can be avoided if you choose the perfect setting for your date.

9. Discuss the right things

There are plenty of things to talk about on your date other than the Mexico-United States barrier, money in the bank, religion, marriage, or past relationships. If you want a cringe-free Valentine’s date, never dwell on these topics. Instead, pour your energy into discussing goals as a couple and growth in your relationship.

Most importantly, know how to listen. Be invested in what she has to say. She will appreciate it.

10. Follow table manners

Eat what you can swallow. Chew the food with your mouth closed. Keep your elbows off the table and put the napkin in your lap if you’re eating messy food. Don’t talk when your mouth is still full. If you want to talk while still eating, don’t forget to put down your silverware.

11. Resist public display of affection

man and woman embracing on a boat If you truly want to marry a Mexican woman, give her your love and undivided attention.

Mexicans don’t feel edgy being up close and personal in public. Resisting public display of affection (PDA) is something a gentleman will always do. However, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico like a true Mexican with your mi corazon, let your emotions flow and give her a smooch or a tight embrace. However, make sure to ask her permission first. If she’s uncomfortable, you can kiss and hug her goodbye while walking her to the door.

Valentine’s Day or not, following proper etiquette when dating Latina women never goes out of style.

A True Gentleman

If you want to make a Mexican woman fall in love with you, all you need to do is become a man who knows how to treat a lady. So be kind, polite, and courteous, and you will be able to steal any woman’s heart.

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